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I’ll show you how to change the relationship that you have with stress in your life and embrace a life of easefulness, resilience & alignment.


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Three ways to support you:

Self-Paced Online Courses
Stress Personalised Consults & Coaching

7 Steps to Finding Flow

An easeful life

With online courses, personalised consults, my books 7 Steps to Finding Flow  and Embrace Your Elegant Power, you can create a more easeful, resilient and aligned  lifestyle.


Hi, I’m Nicky.

I guide and support women to embrace their elegant power and live their best lives through tuning into their inner knowing and owning their innate worthiness. With energy at the core of my philosophy, I will guide and inspire you to find your flow, connect to your intuition and step into your radiant, feminine power with easefulness and thoughtful simplicity.


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